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The special Control list of the Case

So, schedulers of a case use what control lists?
I think that I saw each possible control list used in the organisation of actions. From surpass krupnoformatnye tables, to the databases, the proprietary software, portable computers, sheets of paper, calendars and bar napkins.
What best control list? A great question and I do not think that there is one answer. It depends completely on with what the scheduler of a case is convenient. Schedulers of a case have a reputation to be extremely organised and detailed but as we are organised and detailed, through our control lists. Dodge here – how we connect our control lists effectively to inform details to clients, sellers and visitors of a case.
Personally, I use two types of control lists. I use to surpass krupnoformatnuyu the table and filemaker a database. They satisfy to two various purposes:
1. The control list of style prevoskhozhdeniya or krupnoformatnoy tables gives a lot of room for details and serves well as a simple database. I can include dates, times, names and mathematics/budget functions. Budget functions are really important in the control list in my opinion. For me as the scheduler of a case I live and I die the budget. We can train any to plan a case, but planning of a case within a theme and on or below the budget is a sign about. Using krupnoformatnuyu the table allows us to combine details of the budget with all other details of a case. I see krupnoformatnuyu the table as the notebook for all details.
2. The control list of style of a database is big for details of a case of style of a template. You can program in set of areas and database functions easily. The most professional software of the organisation of actions – is valid only a database with the interface friendly to the user. The database also works really well for a tension of details from set of other electronic sources, such as files pdf, jpg’s and word documents. Databases also work really for the message of details as another because of their smooth interfaces.
Distinction between two for me – that I placed the really painfully detailed information in a file krupnoformatnoy tables. It is a little heavier, but I have a big freedom to add a detail and to operate the budget at the same time. A database I use help parts krupnoformatnoy tables, and also is connected with e-mail addresses for participants of a case. I can pull the data from krupnoformatnoy tables, throw it in a database, create the good interface and communicate with all in several pressing of a key. The control list of style of a database can make also budget functions, but it is more difficult and labour-consuming to the program.
My method at all a unique way to go. I have a friend who is the president of the large company, and it holds all notes under small accounts of a paper. It is very effective at reception of its made work and stay from above details. Wreck consists that search and the information organisation are much heavier and labour-consuming.
Here a few the important things to remember, when you build the control list:
1. The devil is in details. Include so many details as far as possible, even if for your own reference.
2. Include function of autodate/print of time so each time when you update the control list, the file traces when you have made it.
3. Include a way to inform your control list. Not each participant of a case requires your level of details, and thus all should not see the budget. But really develop the good total interface of style which people can see for the information. Krupnoformatnye tables do not give themselves to well it, but something as Bento filemaker does. Connection of details krupnoformatnoy tables to your database is simple.
4. Also include a way to quickly and easily inform details of the control list to all. In Bento it is very easy to pull e-mail addresses from your contacts and to present the information only a few pressing of a key.
5. At last, do not send many updatings to your interested persons. Their heads will float, and it begins very confusing to follow which control list. Updatings of the offer after volume of details have been added or explained. You can also wish to believe that registration has updated control lists on your website for others to access when they require the information.

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